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KP-F9 Relay Protection of Real-time Digital Simulation Test System

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  • 品牌 KETOP
  • 型号 KP-F9
  • 产品介绍

    Real time digital simulation is an important testing method for power system protection and control equipment. At present, the real-time digital simulation device on the market generally has the characteristics of high cost, complex modeling process and cumbersome test operation. However, based on years of experience in simulation testing KETOP developed the KP-F9 System that has the advantages of high performance price ratio, mature model and simple operation. The system will be a powerful tool for the related enterprises, research institutes and training institutions.

    KP-F9 Structure Diagram

    Support digital protection testing, according to the IEC61850 standard for 12 interval data transmission, support point to point and networking mode

    Typical simulation step-size is 83.33 us, support waveform replay.


    Simulation Model

    According to the GB/T 26864-2011 Dynamic Model Test of Power System Relay Protection Products, KP-F9 developed a series of models, including all kinds of voltage level of line, transformer, bus, etc. Users can make configuration for the existing model according to their respective needs or complete further development.

    Transient Characteristics: A large amount of comparing data indicates that KP-F9 model has a very consistent transient characteristics compared with RTDS and EMTDC, which can calibrate to each other as well.

    User Operation: KP-F9 lists all types of test items for the power system test model. Any one of these items can be done at one click affair and it can perform automatic tests on multiple projects as well.

    Procurement Cost: Compared with similar products, KP-F9 owns obvious advantage in prices.