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  Testing Guide  

1. Testing range

KETOP Lab has a full ability to perform the test of the following products:  all-or-nothing relay, Measuring relays, Transmission line protection device, Main equipment protection devicePower system security and stability control device and automation system, electric power tele-control unit , Distribution network and substation system, DC power systemall kinds of protection cabinet, control panel (control cabinet, console, control box), mimic board, control circuit device, energy meters, Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment etc. The tests include environmental test, safety test, EMC test and power system AC/DC dynamic simulating test. KETOP Lab can also do protocol test on IEC60870-5 series (including 101/103/104), IEC61850CDTModbus, etc. Product certification is also can be done in KETOP Lab.


2. Entrusted testing process

Entrusted testing patterns:

1. Log in www.KETOP.cn online entrusting

2. Download test orders, send E-mail:wumengchao@KETOP.cn; liran@KETOP.cn

3. Fill out on the site when sending samples

Payment options:

1. Cash payment

2. Bank transfer

3. Check payment

Tests for products on the same hardware platform

To reduce testing costs, you may make a testing application for products on the same hardware platforms in a lump.

On-site test:

If the samples are large and difficult to transport, such as cabinets or screens, you may apply for on-site test.

The test equipment for DC power system on-site test

1. A computer, a megameter, a Regulated AC/DC withstand voltage tester, a Digital multimeter

2. A voltage regulator (should meet the test requirements, 9kV generally for three phase)

3. A set of Adjustable load resistance (2A30A200A, according to equipment’s capacity)

4. DC contactor (220A at least, the specific details according to equipment’s capacity)

5. A set of samples (includes charging unit and battery)

3Sample notice

A sample of protection product (or fault recording) is enough for test, while it’ll be shorten the test time if you provides two samples.

Relay products, like current relay, voltage relay , time relay, intermediate relay, signal relay and overcurrent relay, require 6 samples for test.

Current and voltage converters require 3 samples for test.

Energy Meters requires 6 samples to test.

High-frequency module requires 3 samples at least for test.

A set of DC power cabinet sample is required for test, including charging unit and battery.

Power line carrier, transceiver requires 2 samples for test.

Sample submission:

Please send samples to the address:

KETOP Lab, Intersection between Weiwu Avenue and Shangde Road,Xuchang,Henan,China, 461000

Phone 0374-3212185  ContactsLanjun Wang

Document submission:

Letter of agent authorization (sign and official seal)

Enterprise product standardsofficial seal on the cover

Product manual and technical instruction

PICS Product interoperability's table, Information address list (for protocol test)

*For some distinctive cases, we may need enterprises to complete other additional relevant information.

4. Test time

Conventional type test: within 15 working days

Type test for special product needs final technical review to confirm the test time.

Test time for power system dynamic simulation generally continued for about 2~3 days, exclusive modeling and wiring time. Moreover, extra urgent test can be done on the right day.

The test time mentioned above premised on the sample’s program without any modifying.

5Test reports

The test reports will be issued within 3 days when all materials and tests are completed.